Cultural & Spiritual Living

Individual interests, customs, beliefs, and cultural and ethnic backgrounds are valued and fostered at Gunther Village. A range of culturally support systems are in place to assist residents to maintain important practises, beliefs and networks. The team at Gunther Village is professionally trained in cultural awareness and ensure days of religious significance are acknowledged appropriately.

As part of our person centred approach, cultural and spiritual needs are regularly reviewed to ensure we are supporting individual needs. A holistic spiritual care program that welcomes, facilitates and supports contributions of networks, spiritual care volunteers and community contacts is in place. This provides opportunities for residents to contribute to, as well as receive, spiritual care with a proactive collaboration and fostering of partnerships with community faith groups / organisations and their members.

Spiritual Activities enjoyed at Gunther Village:

  • Regular in-house church services conducted
  • Spiritual leader visits
  • Bible study groups
  • Room visits
  • Multi-cultural activities
  • Relaxation and visualisation sessions

Cultural events are a great opportunity for residents, family members and staff to celebrate Australia’s diversity, and to respect traditions of different countries. We experience this through culture, food, and music, with the Lifestyle Team organising appropriate activities and decorating the Activity Room to suit each occasion.

Cultural Activities celebrated at Gunther Village:

  • Australia Day
  • ANZAC Day
  • Chinese New Year
  • St Patrick’s Day
  • Japanese Day
  • Italian Day
  • Easter
  • Christmas